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Toddler with Wooden Toys

Two Year Olds

Independence is a boundary tested and an ability developed at age two. Students are transitioning out of their stranger anxiety and are learning about themselves simultaneously. Students are constantly being encouraged to use their vocabulary and learn new words to express themselves. In their classrooms our two year olds are learning how to play and learn cordially with one another.


Daily schedules/activities include but are not limited to circle time, music & movement, language arts, visual perception & cognition- including colors, shapes and numbers, as well as fine/gross motor development and art!


Our staff members give hands on assistance to our students, carrying a very personal relationship with them to ensure development and success.

Learning Focuses for Two Year Olds 

We use learning kits, manipulatives, worksheets and various curriculum materials to benchmark our students.


Potty training is a large class-wide focus with some leading by example and others just beginning to learn.


We interweave all of the major components of a two-year olds development into their day including lots of opportunity for fun and play.

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