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Before School Care in Stafford and England Run

Before and after School is a time where children want their freedom to prepare for the day or unwind from the day, that just ended. We provide a structured but fun program where the children are given the opportunity to eat breakfast before school and engage in free choice activities until buses depart.

After School Care in Garrisonville and Fredericksburg

In the afternoon the students come in from school, eat snack and get home work out of the way and checked before getting the time to socialize and choose recreational activities while awaiting pick up. The program is simple and well-maintained which allow the students the chance to get in their “home away from home”.

Early Release Daycare

During early release days, holidays, and breaks Dawning Point will often plan special trips, activities, crafts or events to make the time enjoyable for the kids. Throughout the year, these school agers give staff and management ideas about venues to visit and projects to attempt that keep the kids engaged while out from school for any reason.

Summer Camp in Stafford & Fredericksburg

Summer Camp is usually comprised of a Jr. Camp for children rising to kindergarten through children rising to second grade and a Sr. Camp comprised of children rising to third grade through eighth grade. Students travel 2-3 days a week and swim on a daily basis on our onsite pool. Additionally, students are engaged in arts & crafts, culinary arts, summer enrichment and many other fun activities and games.

Before & After School | Learn About Our Other Programs

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