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Girl Washing Her Hands

Pre-K Learning Center in Stafford & Fredericksburg

Fours and fives have a rigorous task. Many are preparing for kindergarten. Practical survival skills such as tying their shoe, zipping up their jacket and independently completing their own work are just a few of the ever-important skills we attempt to master. We find it equally important to touch on a majority of the Kindergarten Standards of Learning in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Social Sciences. Children have the opportunity to engage in various physical education exercises as well as music and fine arts. Our goal is to rear and teach healthy well rounded preschoolers that academically excel in their learning environments.

Four and Five Year Old Playtime

The kids have a great time learning through song, sound and movement on a daily basis. Our teachers are caught rolling around, and crawling under for the sake of enjoyable learning with the students. We take great pride in this class’ achievements, inventions, and energy each year.

Four & Five Year Olds| Learn About Our Other Programs

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