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Diverse Kindergarten

Daycare for Toddlers

Between toddling and walking our Twaddlers and Toddlers are very eager to do a lot of learning and exploring. Here at Dawning Point, these schedules resemble the two year old class however their lessons are just a little bit shorter and more focused on using words to express themselves.


As children develop their new mobility, embrace trying new foods, and develop a more class-wide schedule they are kept at a low ratio to ensure their needs are met and safety is placed first. Their diapering continues to occur every other hour at minimum and more frequently as needed.


For toddlers, at parent’s request and with their cooperation we start potty training and introducing correct toileting language necessary to succeed.

Teaching One Year Olds

We take the opportunity to engage in learning blocks similar to infants including Visual Perception/Cognition, Read Alouds, Fine/Gross Motor Control, Music/Singing, Vocabulary Expansion Activities, Counting, Color & Shape Recognition, as well as various other special activities, crafts, and exercises.


Daily paperwork will reflect the days’ actual activities, sleep times, feedings, toileting etc.

One Years Old | Learn About Our Other Programs

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