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Birth to 1 Year Old

Kid Playing with Bubble

Helping Infants Learn 

Even infants can learn. Here at Dawning Point a typical infant’s day is not so typical.


Deriving from their specific and particular needs infants are given the opportunity to rest, play, and eat as needed throughout the day. Their diapering occurs every other hour at minimum and more frequently as needed

Our Infant to 1 Year Old's Day

When our babies are awake (and attentive) we take the opportunity to engage in age-appropriate learning blocks including Reading, Perception/Cognition, Fine/Gross Motor Control, Vocabulary Development, Music/Singing, Tummy Time, as well as various other special activities, crafts, and exercises.


As your child progresses in age the activities will vary and become a more regular routine. Daily paperwork will reflect the days’ actual activities, sleep times, feedings, diapering etc.


Infants are diapered at minimum every 2 hours. Diapering needs as well as a changes of clothes, and linen are provided by each parent, labeled and only used for that child.

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